Elgin Bungalows

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There is now a list of the 40 major contractors (five or more bungalows) along with the houses they built.

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Researching Homes in Elgin

Remember! If a button is re       ,that property is not ready yet. If the button is black the house is gone, but it's still pictured with information.

  ​Welcome to the Elgin Bungalows page. The city of Elgin, Illinois has more than 2000 bungalows. This site is meant to highlight these bungalows. On the next page, you can select the initial of the street you want, then the next page will give you the address on that street. By paging through, you will be able to see as many bungalows as you wish. Most of the older pictures are courtesy of the Elgin Township Assessor and the Elgin History Museum. Pictures of Kit Homes are courtesy of Rebecca Hunter. Feedback is always welcome.